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Beard and Mustache Transplant

In Turkey, there are few places where you will find a specialist in Beard and Mustache Transplant. Turkey has become one of the first choice destinations in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplantation worldwide, and so it has become easy to perform everything related to beard and mustache transplant in Turkey. Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is based mostly on modern surgical techniques and professional hands only. In this article, we will see that why it is considered to be a cheap way of getting your thinning hair back.

The basic difference between other countries like the USA and UK is that in such countries, a person has to go to a doctor for the whole transplant process. This makes it more expensive in terms of the amount of money that a person will spend on this procedure. In Turkey, on the contrary, the process is more convenient and less time-consuming, because the doctors know exactly what to do all through the procedure without even checking with the patient’s bedside. Moreover, the doctor will target only the targeted areas of the face for this type of hair transplant method, therefore, less pain and scarring will occur.

There is also a low risk involved during the entire hair transplant surgical procedure. Local anesthesia is used, which means, the patient will not feel any pain at the time of the surgery. Local anesthesia also means that the patient will not experience any blood loss or spasm after the procedure. Lastly, since the localized operation takes place in the face, the patient will not have to travel to the hospital for recovery and further treatment.

New Hair Transplant Technology For Men With Beards And Mustaches

During the process of Beard and Mustache Transplant, there are two types of grafts that the doctor can use to cover the face. One is Follicular unit Strip Harvesting (FUSS), which uses a single strand of hair from each individual follicle. The follicles are harvested individually, leaving a thinned-out middle strand which the doctor can then sew into the balding area. The FUSS technique is usually more effective in younger men who have thin hairs. The second type is Fusar Baldness Implantation, which is composed of several hair strands or even whole patches of hairs that are surgically implanted one at a time.

Once the Fuss technique is complete, the doctor will close the incisions using stitches. The patient will recover from the surgery within a couple of days. Afterward, he or she will visit his or her physician once a week to check for possible recurrence of infection. This process, along with the initial transplant, is usually repeated two to three times every four months, depending on the patient’s facial growth.

In addition, new hair grafts can be added to older transplants. This process is known as FUSAR. In this case, Beard and Mustache Transplant grafts taken from donor areas on the scalp are used to cover areas where hairs are missing. New hair grafts are also routinely added to the beard in order to promote new growth. Since all hairs are included in this process, this type of transplant makes it highly effective at treating male pattern baldness.

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