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Women Hair Transplant

The price of a woman hair transplant is generally between three-five thousand to six million dollars. A Women Hair Transplant procedure is also an excellent choice if the female customer has a receding hairline or a bald spot as this method is much safer and better than traditional hair transplant surgery for more than likely balding hair. This procedure can be done under a general anesthetic in the office setting and requires minimal recovery time. For best results, the patient should schedule one visit for both procedures and get several follow-up appointments with the doctor to monitor the hair growth progress.

How Do Women Get the Procedure?

Women may choose to have either a male or female hair transplant procedure depending on their desired results. Male restoration uses hair follicles from the back of the head that grows into the chest area to provide the patient with a full head of hair. Female restoration utilizes hair follicles from the front of the head that grows into the crown of the head to give the patient the desirable look. Both procedures use the patient’s own existing hair to promote new growth that will keep the original hair at the same place it was before the restoration taking place. For most people, the cost involved with this type of treatment is worth the improved appearance.

Artas and Macrolane Hair Transplant

When it comes to women’s hair transplants, there are two types of surgery that are most common. The first is known as the Artas Women Hair Transplant procedure and it is a procedure that uses all donated hair that the person has available. The second is known as the Macrolane hair restoration procedure and uses smaller areas of hair which is taken from the back, sides, or top of the head and plucked out using a small hook to separate the hair strands. There are certain advantages to each surgery, although some female patients prefer the Macrolane treatment because they believe that the treatment looks better because the hair is placed in small bunches rather than sliced through. Patients who decide to have this type of transplant often find that they require fewer biopsies due to the smaller area of hair that is removed.

In addition to the Macrolane procedure, there is another procedure that is commonly used for female patients who are having Women Hair Transplant . This procedure involves making a small incision on the forehead or the hairline and harvesting individual hairs from it. This treatment is referred to as the forehead density procedure and is a very effective method for treating areas such as the forehead and the jawline because these areas are difficult to treat due to their density. The density usually results in a high degree of hair loss, but patients who have had the procedure have been able to successfully grow back the dense areas and restore their youthful appearance.

Women also have a choice between different procedures for restoring the hairline. The first is known as the unit transfer procedure and is a form of hair transplant where one unit of hair is transplanted onto the balding area. This method has been found to be effective but is not a permanent solution. Another procedure is known as follicular unit extraction and is a permanent solution when done under the supervision of a qualified plastic surgeon. This unit transplant requires that the surgeon remove the hairs one at a time from the patient’s own scalp so that each strip is more genetically appropriate to the patient’s own scalp.

Women undergoing a hair transplant procedure have the option of receiving either a Macrolane solution or a density solution. Both procedures involve harvesting individual hairs from the patient’s scalp to help restore her original density. The density solutions actually help to create new hair follicles in an area that has experienced excessive loss. Each surgery may also involve a recovery period of some length before the patient is able to return to her regular activities.

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